How it works

How it works

We convert building drawings using the latest estimating software and combined with experienced building experts to create a building cost estimation including all the specific materials and labour you need to complete the work.

The Estimating Expert specialises in domestic extensions, conversions, refurbishments and new build dwellings, and our estimates can be fast tracked or fully customised to your specific needs. They enable you to understand exactly what you’ll need to buy and plan for and use as a guide to assess quotes when choosing a building contractor in your local area.

Benefits of a detailed estimate

Improved Knowledge

If you have limited building experience, you’ll gain greater understanding of all the specific materials and labour time you’ll need to complete the work. You’ll have a realistic true idea of costs and above all be able to liaise with potential builders better knowing what is required.

Better decision-making

With a detailed set of materials and labour requirements, you’ll be confident in choosing the right builder to contract. You’ll spot anything physically missing that needs buying early. You’ll be able to decide what personal material choices need to be made as you go and when they need to be made.


With greater knowledge and decision-making breeds confidence. You’ll be able to discuss details with potential builders well and spot when things are not planned out or not being done properly. A large financial investment can be daunting and stressful and a detailed estimate and expert guiding you independently will ensure you’re always going in the right direction.

We follow a 4-stage process for estimating, with some or all of these steps dependant on which package you need to get the right detailed estimate for your project.

1. Discover

2. Implement

3. Personalise

4. Guide

Your drawings are submitted and reviewed together with you and one of our experts on a 30-minute phone call.

We analyse your drawings through our estimating software and create a labour and materials report. We send this to you and follow up with a 45-minute call to go through the report and answer your questions.

We hold a 20-minute phone call to take you through a series of questions on your personal preferences when it comes to types of materials, finishes, colours and styles to make your report bespoke to you and your build.

We take you through the process of how to use your final estimate report and run a tender process to choose the right contractor to carry out the work.