Additional Services

Additional Services

We offer a range of additional services dependant on your needs and when you need them.

Bid Packages


This service itemises each phase of work into different trades. If you plan to project manage the build yourself, you can get different quotes from different contractors using this package. This saves you a lot of money and alleviate the stress of managing all the different trades at once.

Tender Support


We can mitigate the risk to your project even further. We can manage the tender process, receive quotations from potential building contractors and put them into a report with itemised works, references, insurance documents etc. to make sure that everything is properly costed by the building contractor and initial diligence is carried out by our experts.

Contractor appointment


We will arrange the necessary contractors to come to site and meet them, ensure the relevant experience is there before they even get to site to meet them and do their reference checks on them. And make sure that they have provided an estimate prior to the site visit so the costs will already be estimated within the budgets.